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How Can I Buy a Medical Alert System at Costco?

COVID-19 Update: Medical Alerts are considered essential devices during the COVID crisis, so monitoring and customer service centers are still open and ready to help. To learn more about how these and other essential products can keep older adults safe and connected during this crisis, take a look at our list of 10 essential products.

Costco is known for carrying popular products for customers who enjoy shopping in bulk, but the retailer also offers deals on electronics, personal care products and health essentials. Home health care options include blood pressure monitors, first aid kits and medical alert systems. The retailer carries several different styles of medical alert systems, but only members can purchase devices.

It can be confusing to figure out how to buy medical alert systems at Costco, so we’ve created a list of practical tips for seniors and their caretakers. Find a reliable medical alert system at Costco, whether you need a classic pendant or a modern watch, with these helpful suggestions.

Get a Costco Membership

Before gaining access to the medical devices at Costco, you need a membership card. Costco doesn’t offer trial memberships or one-day passes, so you must become a member if you want to shop there. You can join Costco by enrolling in person at the service desk, completing the registration form online or using a membership package that was gifted to you.

Once you have a membership card, you can look for medical alert systems on Costco’s website or at your local store. They’re often located near the pharmacy, but you may also find them in the center of the store or near the vitamins and supplements. If you don’t see any medical alert systems in the store, check online for options. Sometimes Costco only carries medical alert devices online rather than in stores.

Avoid Searching for the Costco MediPendant

The Costco MediPendant received positive reviews on many sites, but it’s no longer available. This water-resistant device was bulky and worked best with landline connections, but elderly adults appreciated its dependable design. Seniors could enjoy up to 3 years of use without recharging the long-lasting battery, and there were no lengthy contract requirements. The company even offered six complimentary months of service for new subscribers.

Unfortunately, the retailer has not mentioned any plans to carry the Costco MediPendant again. Costco has also stopped offering the Connect America MobileAlert system, which means customers only have options from Medical Guardian available.

Choose the Right Medical Guardian Device

Costco only carries medical alert systems from Medical Guardian at the moment, and seniors can choose from a wrist monitor or pendant. The wrist monitor is typically priced between $89.99 and $99.99, making it the more budget-friendly option of the two. The pendant costs $124.99 and includes a charging station.

Both devices offer three months of free service and have a monthly service renewal fee of $39.95 after the introductory promotion ends. You must purchase these devices online to qualify for this promotion, but take some time to review different features before you make a selection.

Active Guardian Plus Medical Alert

The Active Guardian Plus is best for seniors who prefer a traditional medical alert system. It uses a cellular connection rather than a landline, so elderly adults can confidently explore their community knowing they have 24/7 protection if an accident occurs. Advanced GPS technology monitors the location of subscribers, so loved ones or medical professionals can easily find them during an emergency.

Two-way voice communication lets seniors speak with emergency workers rather than simply pressing a button for help. The device is equipped with automatic fall detection, so assistance still arrives when seniors are unable to press the help button. A PIN-protected lockbox lets emergency workers access your home if you are unable to reach the door.

Freedom Medical Alert Wrist Monitor by Medical Guardian

The Freedom Medical Alert comes in two colors: white and black. Like the Active Guardian Plus, it relies on a cellular connection and features GPS technology. The watch monitors your movements, but it also offers weather updates, medication reminders and appointment alerts. The buttons are large and easy to press, and subscribers can even send voice-to-text messages to loved ones.

A soft silicone band holds the water snugly yet comfortably around an elderly adult’s wrist. Low battery alerts let seniors know when it’s time to recharge the watch, so they don’t unexpectedly lose protection when they need it most. As with the pendant, you can request a free lockbox for the wearer’s home.

Should I Buy a Medical Alert System from Costco?

Costco often offers lower monthly premiums for medical alert systems than other retailers. Devices include three free months of service, plus protection plans and lockboxes. You aren’t locked into a long-term contract after the promotional period ends, and neither of the devices available requires a landline connection. This helps ensure that seniors are safe wherever they go, whether they meet friends for lunch in a nearby city or spend the afternoon gardening in the backyard.

A medical alert system protects seniors day and night, even when caregivers, spouses or family members are unavailable. Reduce the risk of developing complications from untreated falls or medical emergencies by equipping yourself or a loved one with a medical alert system from Costco.