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King Cobra Executive Power Scooter Review

Most Durable Mobility Scooter

The King Cobra Executive Power Scooter is a dynamic and class-leading vehicle for customers who demand high standards in usability and design. Its cutting-edge technological features include a one-touch tiller adjustment that enables users to easily set the tiller to the optimum driving position. The digital control panel provides real-time feedback, and the onboard USB port means mobile devices needn’t run out of power

The scooter’s sturdy front and rear suspension and 6-inch wide, air-filled low-profile tires combine to produce a smooth and comfortable ride. The 22-inch wide height-adjustable sport style captain seat, with its padded armrests and reclining backrest, add to the vehicle’s high level of comfort. There’s also a built-in cup holder for drinks and two 75 AH rechargeable batteries that last for up to 35 miles on one charge.

Pros and Cons of the King Cobra Executive Power Scooter


The King Cobra Executive Power Scooter’s 6-inch-wide air-filled tires, easily adjustable tiller and responsive electromagnetic braking system make for a safe and comfortable ride. The rotating and reclining seat and extra legroom should ensure users find it easy to get off and on, whatever their height. And with a top speed of 10 mph and a range of 35 miles on a single charge, it should provide enough speed and distance for most users.


The scooter’s price may be prohibitive for some buyers, and, at 450 lbs, its weight may be too much for some vehicles to transport. Potential buyers may also need to shell out for an extra-sturdy ramp to get the scooter into their vehicles.

Overview of the King Cobra Executive Power Scooter

The King Cobra Executive Power Scooter is worthy of consideration for users looking for something that’s a cut above the norm. Within its stylish frame, it provides a wealth of features that make it safer to drive and easier to maneuver. There are also several good-to-have additions that make rides more comfortable and position the vehicle among the best in its class.



Price  Key Features 
King Cobra Executive Power Scooter $6,412.95
  • 10mph top speed
  • 83-inch turning radius
  • 35 miles on a single charge
  • One-touch tiller adjustment
  • Ergonomic control handles
  • Digital LCD display
  • USB port
  • Cupholder
  • 22-inch wide adjustable captain seat
  • Padded armrests
  • Bright LED lighting
  • 4 air-filled 6-inch turf tires
  • Electromagnetic and hand braking systems
  • Hard-top canopy and storage compartment on the golf vehicle option

How Much Does the King Cobra Executive Power Scooter Cost?

Costs for the King Cobra Power Scooter can range between $5,200 and $6,500. For example, the standard version is likely to be approximately $5,250, while the personal golf option is typically $6,413 due to the addition of a hard-top canopy and storage space for a golf bag.

In addition to factoring shipping into the cost, potential buyers may also want to consider insurance. Although not a legal requirement, it may be prudent for users to cover themselves in the event of theft, vandalism, accidental damage and third-party liability. Medicare Part B covers scooters, subject to the beneficiary satisfying all conditions.

Full Review of the King Cobra Executive Power Scooter’s Features

There are two options for potential buyers of the King Cobra Executive Power Scooter: the standard model and the golf vehicle. Both were developed to provide more independence to frail people with mobility limitations, enabling them to travel with equal ease on sidewalks, paths and fairways.

King Cobra Executive Power Scooter

The standard option typically costs around $5,250. Its full-size rotating captain seat is 22 inches wide, comes in a sports style that gives better support and has easily adjusted padded armrests to enhance the seat’s overall comfort and flexibility. The powerful front and rear suspension, 4-inch ground clearance and 6-inch turf tires provide a comfortable ride over hard and soft surfaces, while the 83-inch turning surface makes it easier to negotiate a route’s twists and turns.

Some vehicle specs include:

  • Maximum driver weight: 450 lbs.
  • 10mph top speed
  • 35-mile maximum range on a single charge
  • Extra strong LED lighting
  • 8-inch climbing angle
  • 24v x 1300W motor
  • Two 12v x 75AH batteries
  • Charger: 8A offboard
  • Brakes: Electromagnetic and hand
  • Blade-style alloy rims
  • Vehicle dimensions: 67″ (L) x 28.8″ (W)
  • Vehicle total weight: 363 lbs.

King Cobra Golf Vehicle Executive Power Scooter

The golf vehicle option is essentially the same vehicle with several crucial differences that improve its function on the golf course. These include a ground clearance of 8 inches, twice the standard models, giving the vehicle more space to avoid unforeseen terrain changes. This version also comes with a hard-top canopy to protect the driver from the sun and rain as well as a fullscreen visor to deflect the wind. There’s also a convenient storage space at the vehicle’s rear to carry the driver’s golf bag. Buyers should expect these additional features to add approximately $1,200 to the price when compared to the standard version.

Like the standard version, this option comes with a height-adjustable seat that can recline to give even more comfort. The one-touch tiller adjustment feature makes it easier still to find the optimum driving position, while the ergonomic Delta control handles make it easier to steer and manage the throttle. There’s also a USB port to charge mobile devices, a cupholder for drinks and a bright LCD display on the control panel, making it easier for users with weaker eyesight to see relevant data, such as battery life.

Warranties (applies to the standard and golf versions):

  • Frame: Limited lifetime
  • Electronic controller: 24 months
  • Drive Train components: 24 months
  • Batteries: 12 months

Who Should Consider the King Cobra Executive Power Scooter?

Users Willing To Pay Extra for Upgrades

A typical buyer is someone who wants a high-end stylish product and has the means to finance it. The purchaser wants a vehicle that’s as convenient to use as possible but also needs modern additions, such as the ability to charge mobile devices. Additionally, they’re looking for reasonable warranties that signal the manufacturer’s confidence in the product.

Users Who Need a Vehicle That’s Equally Good on a Golf Course

The personal golf vehicle’s purchasers are often found on a golf course, so they want a scooter they can drive to the club and around the green. Their vehicle must be able to comfortably climb steep banks, negotiate sudden terrain changes and offer some protection from heavy rain, harsh sun and strong winds. And, of course, the vehicle must have storage space for a golf bag.

What Are People Saying About the King Cobra Executive Power Scooter?

There are many types of scooters on the market, each targeted at various segments of the population. Purchasers of the King Cobra Executive Power Scooter frequently mention the product’s speed, strength and comfortable ride in reviews. The legroom is often noted favorably too, as is the steering ratio, particularly the ease with which it can be backed up. The vehicle’s carrying capacity is applauded by reviewers, who say it can easily carry six full bags of groceries with room to spare.

Some users have mentioned that because of its dimensions, standard scooter racks may be unsuitable, and the carrying vehicle may need a leveling device to counterbalance its weight.


Is it Legal to Drive a Mobility Scooter on the Road?

Generally, no, although individual states and some gated communities have their own laws and rules.

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Do You Need a License to Drive a Mobility Scooter? 

No. There’s no need to register with the local Department of Motor vehicles.

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Do I Need a Prescription for a Mobility Scooter?

If you’re applying for a scooter through Medicaid, you will need a doctor’s prescription.

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How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Mobility Scooter? 

Budget scooters start at around $600, while top-of-the-range models can be $9,000 or more.

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What Is the Fastest Mobility Scooter?

The E-Wheels EW-36 can reach speeds of up to 18 mph.

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What Is the Best Lightweight Mobility Scooter?

The Pride Mobility iRide weighs only 42 lbs with a weight capacity of 250 lbs.

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What Is the Most Comfortable Mobility Scooter?

The Pride Mobility Raptor has a great reputation for comfort.

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