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ZooMe Auto-Flex Folding Travel Scooter Review

Best Foldable Mobility Scooter

The ZooMe Auto-Flex folding mobility scooter is a great everyday scooter with a rugged four-wheel design that can help seniors stay socially active no matter where the action is. This sturdy design and the light, foldable frame have helped the ZooMe Auto-Flex folding scooter earn the title of the best foldable scooter on the market. One of the most popular features is its easy, 15-second automatic folding ability, which makes it popular for seniors with a penchant for frequent travel. With an affordable price tag, the ZooMe Auto-Flex has a lot to offer consumers.

Pros and Cons of the ZooMe Auto-Flex Folding Travel Scooter

The ZooMe Auto-Flex is one of many dozens of mobility scooters on the market, but it offers a few unique and convenient features that help it stand out from the competition. Conversely, it has some traits that might lower its appeal to some seniors.


  • Easy and convenient one-push folding feature
  • Customizable seating with adjustable tiller and seat
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy frame


  • Top speed of only 4 miles per hour
  • Small tires best for travel on smooth roads only
  • Battery not removable for charging

Overview of ZooMe Auto-Flex Folding Travel Scooter

The ZooMe Auto-Flex is manufactured by Drive Medical, a large durable medical equipment company that sells everything from mobility scooters to respiratory accessories. The ZooMe Auto-Flex is one of the company’s three ZooMe models and the only one to offer the convenient auto-folding feature.

Overview Specs
Key Features Automatic flex folding design for quick transport and storage
Anti-tip wheels
Delta tiller for users with limited dexterity
Ultra-lightweight frame for easy portability
Price Range $2,300-$3,000
Driving Range 13 miles
Weight Capacity 275 pounds
Top Speed 4 miles per hour
Total Weight 53.6 pounds
Frame Design Folding

How Much Does the ZooMe Auto-Flex Folding Travel Scooter Cost?

The ZooMe Auto-Flex mobility scooter retails at between $2,349 and $3,031 at most big box and medical supply stores. This price includes shipping within a standard time frame and a warranty with 12 months on the battery, 24 months on electronics and limited lifetime on the frame. Buyers have to pay more for expedited shipping or additional warranty coverage and for extras such as a spare key fob or battery, insurance for the scooter or accessories like a cup holder or shopping basket.

Full Review of ZooMe Auto-Flex Folding Travel Scooter Features

The ZooMe Auto-Flex scooter is a perfect, all-around scooter for seniors who need a sturdy, dependable ride for indoor or smooth surface travel. It’s well-suited for running errands because its light, foldable design is easy on the muscles and fits within the trunk of most small vehicles.

Automated Flex-Folding Frame

The ZooMe Auto-Flex scooter gets its name from its auto-flex feature that allows seniors to fold and unfold the product using a wireless key fob. Seniors with limited hand strength or dexterity have no trouble preparing this scooter for transport or storage — it only takes the push of a button, and within 15 seconds it’s ready to go.

Light, Compact Design

The scooter’s total weight is only 60 pounds, thanks in part to its light but sturdy aluminum alloy frame, so it’s easy to pick up and move when necessary. And when it’s time to hit the road, it folds down to a compact 17 inches x 17 inches x 23.5 inches to fit easily in the trunk of most compact cars.

Adjustable, Comfort-Focused Seating

For seniors who will be out in the community for long stretches of time, there’s nothing more important than being comfortable. The ZooMe Auto-Flex features a wide 16.75-inch padded seat with adjustable armrests and a fold-down back to cater to seniors of various weights and sizes. The tiller angle also adjusts to allow seniors to place the controls in the ideal position to meet their comfort needs.

All-Day Battery Power

Two 25.9-volt x 10-ampere hour lithium batteries provide up to 13 miles of driving range for seniors who spend a lot of their day out and about and need a scooter that won’t putter out while they’re running their third errand of the day. When it’s time for a power-up, riders can rest easy knowing that it only takes 2-4 hours for the batteries to fully recharge.

Steady Four-Wheel Travel

The ZooMe Auto-Flex has a four-wheel design that adds stability and allows seniors to drive confidently on most surfaces, although it’s best suited for traveling on pavement or other smooth surfaces. The scooter can handle inclines of up to 6 degrees with no problem and has a decent turn radius for a four-wheel scooter of 53 inches.

Convenient, Easy-to-Use Controls

Seniors with mobility issues can also suffer from limited dexterity. For seniors who lack hand dexterity, the ZooMe Auto-Flex features easy throttle controls and a delta tiller in addition to the convenient remote control activation of the folding mechanism that simplifies storage and transport of the scooter.

Who Should Consider the ZooMe Auto-Flex Folding Scooter?

Busy, Active Seniors

Seniors who have a busy lifestyle but don’t have the strength and stamina to lug around a huge mobility scooter may find the ZooMe Auto-Flex a dependable choice for running errands and visiting friends. It’s easy to transport from store to store and can last all day (or close to it) on a single charge. Since it’s a four-wheel scooter, it’s also more stable and durable.

Seniors Who Have Manual Dexterity Challenges But Want to Stay Active

The ZooMe Auto-Flex has a number of features just for those who have hand or general dexterity issues. The scooter folds up using a remote control, so seniors don’t have to struggle with manual latches or buttons, and the throttle controls are designed for easy use. Additionally, the tiller can be adjusted to allow seniors to modify the height or angle of the controls to make it easier for them to reach or maneuver.

What Are People Saying About the ZooMe Auto-Flex Folding Scooter?

According to many of the consumers who have bought the ZooMe Auto-Flex scooter, it really is as easy to fold and store as the company claims. Many seniors enjoy the scooter’s lightweight, compact design and foldability that makes it easy to lift and fit into most trunks. Many of the customers take their scooters on vacation with them and find that they have little trouble at the airport.

Most consumers agree that the four-wheel design of the scooter makes for a more stable ride, and they’re pleased, in general, with the overall versatility of the scooter on different surfaces and compared to other quality mobility scooters. Some consumers wish they could drive it over more rugged terrain, but its small wheels make such travel difficult.


Does Medical Insurance Pay for Mobility Scooters?

Yes, medical insurance pays for mobility scooters as long as you can provide proof that you have a medical need for the scooter. Medicare covers 80% of the total cost, and if you have Medicaid or private insurance, it often covers the additional 20%. Medicare Advantage members should check with their provider to find out how much their plan will cover.

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Is it Legal to Drive a Mobility Scooter on the Road?

In most jurisdictions, it’s illegal to drive a mobility scooter on the road. Mobility scooter drivers are typically treated as pedestrians and must follow the same laws, from crossing at the crosswalk to riding on the sidewalk. There are exceptions to these requirements, so you should check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles for the laws that are applicable in your area.

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Do You Need a License to Drive a Mobility Scooter?

You don’t need a license to drive a mobility scooter. That being said, you do need a prescription to qualify for a medical mobility scooter, and your physician ultimately determines whether you have the physical and cognitive ability to operate a mobility scooter.

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What Is the Fastest Mobility Scooter?

The fastest mobility scooter, the EW-36 from EWheels, has a top speed of 18 miles per hour and a driving range of 45 miles. The EW-36 features a 500-watt brushless motor and a weight capacity of 350 pounds, which classifies it as a heavy-duty mobility scooter.

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What Is the Most Affordable Mobility Scooter?

The most affordable mobility scooter is the Drive ZooMe three-wheel power scooter, which is sold in many locations for under $750. This lightweight and easy-to-transport scooter can travel at a top speed of 15 miles per hour, which makes it one of the fastest mobility scooters on the market as well.

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Do I Need a Prescription for a Mobility Scooter?

You don’t need a prescription for a mobility scooter if you’re paying the entire cost of the scooter out-of-pocket. If you require financial assistance to pay for your mobility scooter, you need to obtain a prescription from a doctor that states that you have a proven medical need for a mobility scooter. You can get a prescription from a rheumatologist, occupational therapist or other medical specialist.

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What Is the Best Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooter?

The best lightweight folding mobility scooter is the ZooMe Flex Ultra Compact folding travel four-wheel scooter. Its ultralight frame is 58.6 pounds and features a convenient flex design that allows seniors to fold and unfold the scooter with a single movement.

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