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The Assisted Living Research Institute spent dozens of hours researching the top assisted living communities in the Jacksonville area to allow seniors and their families to find the community that’s right for them. Click through the facilities listed below to read in-depth reviews, what residents are saying, and details such as base pricing, room types, and more.

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In order to find the top assisted living communities in the Jacksonville area, our team of researchers:

  • Sorted through 67 communities using our unique methodology
  • Spent over 37 hours researching assisted living communities in Jacksonville
  • Read more than 536 reviews left by residents and their family members

After filtering out facilities that didn’t meet our high standards, we were left with 25 assisted living communities that earned our seal of approval. Through this process we discovered that the average cost of assisted living in the city of Jacksonville is $4,660, which is higher than the state average of $4,000 and also higher than the national average of $4,500.

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Christina Drumm-Boyd
Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) and Geriatric Care Manager (GCM)
Christina Drumm-Boyd
Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) and Geriatric Care Manager (GCM)

Christina is a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) and Geriatric Care Manager (GCM) who is passionate about seniors and their families. Along with her staff, Christina works hands-on with each client to find the best solutions for the challenges that often come with aging.

Read on for in-depth information about the top assisted living facilities in Jacksonville, a brief dive into our methodology for determining the best assisted living communities, and a searchable directory of 30 communities in the Jacksonville area.

How to Pay for Assisted Living in Jacksonville, FL

Determining how to finance assisted living often starts with the question, “What’s the cost?” In today’s economy, where inflation plays a significant role, having current data is crucial for senior living financial planning. has gathered cost information from its expansive network of over 75,000 senior living providers. This data offers a glimpse into the average expenses for assisted living in Jacksonville and 128 additional cities within Florida.

How Inflation Has Impacted the Cost of Assisted Living in Jacksonville, FL

In recent years, assisted living costs in Jacksonville have significantly increased, rising from $4,180 in 2022 to $4,580 in 2023. This nearly 10% uptick is similar to what was observed on a national level, while the state median only increased by 9%. Many other cities in Florida told a similar story, including Orlando, where rates climbed from $4,185 to $4,585.

Careful planning is crucial as rates will likely continue to rise in 2024. Assisted living in Jacksonville is estimated to cost $4,932 in 2024. Projected rates in Tampa ($3,846) and Tallahassee ($4,075) are also higher than 2023 rates.

Location 2022 Cost (Historical) 2023 Cost (Current) 2024 Cost (Estimated)
Jacksonville $4,180 $4,580 $4,932
U.S. Average $4,070 $4,459 $4,802
Florida $3,727 $4,067 $4,438
Orlando $4,185 $4,585 $4,938
Tampa $3,259 $3,571 $3,846
Tallahassee $3,454 $3,784 $4,075

Assisted Living vs. Other Types of Care in Jacksonville, FL

Budget often factors into the discussion about long-term care options. Typically, the scope of support a senior requires will directly influence how much they pay each month for care. As independent living offers the lowest level of assistance, costs are the lowest at $3,074. Assisted living includes the support of trained caregivers, so rates are higher at $4,580. Memory care is even more specialized for individuals with dementia. It has the highest costs at $5,151.

Care Type Cost
Assisted Living $4,580
Memory Care $5,151
Independent Living $3,074

Financial Assistance for Assisted Living in Jacksonville, FL

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Other Ways to Pay for Assisted Living in Jacksonville, FL

Since not everyone can afford to pay for assisted living out-of-pocket, it’s important to find alternative methods to help make assisted living more affordable. Some of these options include:

  • Veterans Benefits
  • Life Insurance Policy
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Reverse Mortgage

For more information about your options for making assisted living more affordable, visit our guide to Assisted Living in Florida.

Free and Low-Cost Assisted Living Resources for Seniors in Jacksonville, FL

Numerous resources are available in Jacksonville, Florida to support seniors during their retirement. has gathered data on local groups, initiatives, and agencies, and organized them according to care categories for convenient access.

For details about resources across the state and in neighboring cities, please visit the Florida state page on


Area Agency on Aging

Your local Jacksonville Area Agency on Aging is a valuable resource for retirees, offering guidance on financial aid, in-home care, and long-term care planning. They also link seniors and caregivers to community resources.

Program Name Phone Number Description
ElderSource 888-242-4464 Florida residents aged 60 and above can benefit from essential care, support, and educational programs offered by the state’s Area Agencies on Aging. These agencies, conveniently located throughout the region, provide a range of home- and community-based services. Services include Meals on Wheels, fitness and wellness programs, as well as assistance with personal care and homemaking tasks. The primary goal of all Florida AAAs is to empower older individuals to maintain their independence for as long as possible.

Financial Assistance for Senior Care and Senior Living

Seniors in Jacksonville, whether residing independently or in a senior living facility, have access to various local financial aid options. These entities assist in offsetting certain in-home or long-term care expenses and link them to beneficial community resources.

Program Name Phone Number Description
Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) Place 904-428-0400 PACE is designed for eligible seniors who have both Medicaid and Medicare and reside in areas served by PACE organizations. It integrates the essential components of Medicaid and Medicare to provide a comprehensive support system overseen by the PACE organization. This enables coverage for Medicaid-related services such as hospital and home medical care, as well as Medicare-funded supports like prescription drugs and personal care.
Long Term Care (LTC) – Jacksonville 888-242-4464 SMMC LTC assists seniors in need by covering the expenses of care in various settings, including at home, in the community, or in an assisted living facility. The program covers non-medical services like adult day care, home-delivered meals, and personal care. Some applicants may also qualify for Managed Medical Assistance, which offers medical support both at home and in institutional settings.


Food Assistance Programs

In Jacksonville, various local initiatives are dedicated to promoting senior health through balanced nutrition. They offer services like meal delivery, communal dining, and food banks, ensuring elderly residents have access to affordable, nutritious food.

Program Name Phone Number Description
Feeding Northeast Florida – Jacksonville 904-513-1333 Food pantries provide essential support to individuals and families facing food insecurity by offering a range of basic necessities, including rice, pasta, and occasionally fresh produce. Typically run by nonprofit organizations, these vital resources are also available through select local government agencies.
Paxon Revival Center Food Pantry – Jacksonville 904-781-0348 Paxon Revival Center in Jacksonville is a Feeding Florida member site, working with Feeding America to distribute food on the second Wednesday morning of each month. Through partnerships with retailers, manufacturers, and farms, the organization provides seniors facing food insecurity with high-quality meat, dairy, produce, and pantry staples. Their mission is to restore dignity and nourish hope by offering nutritious food, innovative programs, and education.
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) – Jacksonville 800-963-5337 Low-income seniors in Jacksonville can apply for food assistance through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). SNAP is awarded based on income and expenses, and seniors can apply online through the Florida Department of Children and Families. Once approved, qualified seniors receive a card to use at grocery stores for purchasing food.


Home Repair and Modifications

In Jacksonville, numerous programs are available to aid seniors and individuals with disabilities in financing home modifications and repairs. These programs, offering grants or loans, have diverse eligibility requirements specifically designed for retirees.

Program Name Phone Number Description
Weatherization Assistance Program – Jacksonville Main Office 904-398-7472 The program helps homeowners improve energy efficiency in their homes, resulting in lower energy costs and increased comfort. Assistance includes attic insulation, solar screen installation, and replacing inefficient HVAC units.


Senior Centers

In Jacksonville, senior centers serve as a hub for older adults, providing recreational activities, events, and valuable resources. These centers also offer wellness programs, nutritional guidance, and assistance with senior-related concerns.

Program Name Phone Number Description
Catholic Charities – Jacksonville 904-354-4846 Catholic Charities Jacksonville provides seniors with essential support to maintain their independence at home. Through the Emergency Financial Assistance (EA) program, seniors can receive aid for utility bills, rent, or mortgage payments. Additionally, the charity operates a food pantry to assist seniors in need of food assistance.
Aging True Community Senior Services 904-807-1203 Aging True Community Senior Services offers a range of support for older adults in Jacksonville and Clay County. Services include home care, recreational programs, and healthcare services. The organization also provides independent living options at the Cathedral Residences and coordinates the Meals on Wheels service. Additionally, Aging True operates four senior centers in Clay County, providing recreational and social opportunities for individuals aged 60 and older.


Social Security Offices

In Jacksonville, Social Security offices provide essential services to seniors and individuals with disabilities. They offer guidance on retirement benefits, disability allowances, and Supplemental Security Income.

Program Name Phone Number Description
Jacksonville Social Security Offices 800-772-1213 Social Security provides income for retirees and individuals unable to work due to disability. Funding is derived from payroll taxes paid by employers, employees, and self-employed individuals. Upon retirement, monthly payments are determined by previous earnings.


Tax Assistance

Numerous tax aid resources are available in Jacksonville for senior citizens and individuals with disabilities. These include potential exemptions on medical costs, property tax reductions, and other tax relief initiatives.

Program Name Phone Number Description
Homestead Exemption 904-630-2012 Florida residents aged 65 and above are eligible for an extra homestead exemption of up to $50,000. To qualify, the property’s just value must not exceed $250,000, and the applicant must have resided in the property as their permanent residence for at least 25 years.


Transportation Assistance

For seniors in Jacksonville struggling with private transportation, help is at hand. Community services are available to aid the elderly and disabled in their local travels, facilitating errands and appointments within the city.

Program Name Phone Number Description
Connexion Paratransit Services 904-265-6999 The Connexion Paratransit Service by Jacksonville Transportation Authority offers shared, door-to-door transportation for seniors who face accessibility challenges or physical impairments. Operating during regular fixed-route service hours, this service ensures convenient travel for seniors. Additionally, Connexion Plus provides private transportation throughout Duval County for a nominal fee. Seniors interested in using Connexion services must attend an in-person interview and, if necessary, undergo a functional assessment.


Utility & Energy Bill Assistance

Organizations are available to aid low-income seniors in Jacksonville struggling with home maintenance costs, including utility and energy bills. Emergency funding may also be accessible for those at risk of utility service termination due to unpaid bills.

Program Name Phone Number Description
Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) – Jacksonville 904-398-7472 The program, funded by the federal government, assists low-income residents with their energy expenses up to three times annually (subject to availability of funds). The program provider directly pays the utility company on behalf of eligible individuals.


Veteran’s Services

Veteran services in Jacksonville offer invaluable assistance to retired military personnel. These local entities guide veterans in utilizing their rightful benefits and provide counsel on diverse matters.

Program Name Phone Number Description
Jacksonville, FL Vet Center 904-399-8351 The Jacksonville Vet Center offers confidential, patient-centered care for veterans, current service members, and their families. Located in Jacksonville, FL, they provide a comfortable, nonmedical environment for a variety of services, including individual and group counseling. Their offerings address a range of needs, such as the psychological effects of military sexual trauma, PTSD, and depression. They also provide support for couples, families, LGBTQ+ veterans, intimate partner violence, and grief and bereavement.


Assisted Living Laws and Regulations in Jacksonville, FL

Assisted Living Communities in Jacksonville are required to follow a set of rules and regulations that are determined by the state. For an overview of those rules and regulations, see the information below. For more specific information, talk with your local community or Area Agency on Aging.

Laws and regulations for assisted living in Florida

Our Methodology

It’s not what we research, but the way we research that makes stand out. We start by identifying problems and challenges in the senior care industry by gaining insight from conversations with industry professionals, older adults, and those that care for them. Next, our research team led by industry experts apply our data-driven research techniques to understand the magnitude of the challenge and how to overcome it. Finally, we present our findings in easy-to-understand guides and studies and share our actionable results with influencers and caregivers, as well as the general public.

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Facility Features (40%)

Facility Health Services Graded on health services provided
on the facility including, but not
limited to, on-site nursing,
pharmacy, skilled nursing,
medicine administration, etc

Facility Amenities Graded on the available

Affordability Financial assistance acceptance
and overall costs and value.

Residential Quality (40%)

Resident Satisfaction Polling & survey of overall facility satisfaction.

Facility Complaint and Violations Number of complaints and violations the facility had. Taking into account improvement over time.

Online Reviews Aggregated verified online reviews.

Location (20%)

Location-Based Benefits Including, but not limited to, proximity to
hospitals, ambulance response times, senior
resources available, and state and city
financial assistance.

Location Quality Local crime rates, incidents against older
adults, air quality, climate.

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