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Can You Add Bed Rails To An Adjustable Bed?

It is possible to add bed rails to an adjustable bed. When choosing a suitable bed rail, it’s important to select a design that meets the independent living needs and mobility of adjustable bed users without affecting the bed’s mechanism in any way. Let’s take a look at the factors you’ll need to take into consideration. 

What Is an Adjustable Bed?

Adjustable beds, as the name suggests, are beds that allow you to customize the bed’s alignment to suit your comfort and mobility requirements. For example, some people with specific health concerns may benefit from having their feet slightly raised, while others may find relief from having their head elevated. 

Adjustable beds are easily controlled at the touch of a button. Their hinged construction means they can be raised and lowered in a number of configurations and set in a position that is most beneficial and comfortable for the user. They also make it easier for the user to get in and out of bed. For those looking to reclaim some independence or experience maximum comfort, an adjustable bed is a worthwhile investment. 

Why Use a Bed Rail With an Adjustable Bed?

Bed rails offer many benefits, especially for people who have problems with uncontrolled body movement, sleeping disorders, or who may get out of bed unsafely without assistance. They provide a hand-hold while getting in and out of bed, offer a feeling of security and comfort, and aid in repositioning and turning in bed. In a health care setting, they also reduce the risk of patients falling out of bed during transportation from one area to another. 

How To Choose a Suitable Adjustable Bed Rail

It’s important when choosing a bed rail for an adjustable bed that you take the design and movement of the bed into consideration. Some bed rails simply clip on or slip over the side of the bed. Others rely on parts inserted loosely between the bed base and the mattress. Both of these types can become loose or dislodged completely. 

An unsuitable rail could cause damage to the bed, cause the mechanism to fail, and present unnecessary risk to the user. The rail could also become loose or start to buckle under pressure from the bed’s frequent movement. Choose a rail that has been specially designed to anchor to the side of the bed independently and securely. There are a number of specialist rails on the market designed to be used specifically with adjustable beds.