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What are the Best Medical Alert Systems for Veterans?

Medical alert systems are designed to provide users with instant access to a monitored call center that can quickly dispatch a caregiver, neighbor or even first responders with a simple press of a wireless, wearable button. These personal emergency call devices can be a great option for veterans who are at risk of suffering from a medical crisis or other situation that may otherwise limit their ability to live independently.

Although medical alert systems used to be geared towards seniors, veterans of all ages may find that these devices offer the ideal combination of affordability, ease of use and added peace of mind. Some of these systems are particularly well-suited to the unique needs of those who have served, and we’ve highlighted the three best medical alert systems for veterans in this guide.

The 3 Best Medical Alert Systems for Veterans

Medical Guardian

If you think all medical alert systems come with simple, plain white call buttons that have a distinct ‘medical’ look, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the innovative devices offered through Medical Guardian.

This Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, company has a full range of in-home and mobile help buttons, and their flagship device is the Freedom Guardian, a cellular-enabled medical smart watch that comes in black or white. This durable, easy-to-use wearable medical alert call button looks and feels like a regular smart watch, complete with a large touch screen, advanced GPS location tracking, text-to-speech messaging and integrated reminders. It costs $99 and requires a monthly, no-contract monitoring plan.

What sets the Freedom Guardian apart from other smart watches is the integration with Medical Guardian’s 24/7 emergency call monitoring center. When a user needs immediate assistance, they simply need to tap the large ‘help’ button on the watch face. A call to the monitoring center is placed, and the operator determines what type of assistance is needed. Thanks to the GPS tracking function, help can be dispatched to the callers’ exact location, even if they’re unable to speak.

Medical Guardian also has in-home and mobile medical alert help buttons that can either be worn as a pendant or on the wrist, and monitoring costs start at $29.95 per month. Fall detection is available, and users can save money on monitoring costs by selecting a six- or 12-month plan.

Medical Guardian offers vets a variety of user-friendly medical alert systems at competitive prices, making this one of our picks for the best medical alert systems for veterans.

Philips Lifeline

Philips Lifeline is one of the oldest and most-respected names in the medical alert industry. The company was founded by a physician who wanted to help his elderly and disabled patients enjoy greater freedom without compromising on safety.

While most medical alert companies purchase their hardware from third-party providers, Philips Lifeline designs and manufactures all of their own help buttons and base units to ensure each device meets their high standards for construction, quality and reliability. The company operates its own emergency monitoring center, and they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

The Philips Lifeline lineup includes two at-home systems that connect to either a landline or cellular network, the HomeSafe Standard and the HomeSafe with AutoAlert. There are also two mobile systems, the GoSafe and GoSafe2, which provide coverage anywhere within the cellular service area.

Philips Lifeline may be a good option for veterans who are looking for a proven medical alert system that bills on a monthly basis and offers advanced features, such as fall detection, mobile service and GPS locating.


Rounding out our picks for the best medical alert systems for veterans is GetSafe, a medical alert system that doesn’t require users to wear a pendant, button or medical smart watch.

Owned and monitored through Bay Alarm Medical, one of the nation’s top medical alert companies, GetSafe is an innovative solution for veterans who simply dislike the idea of wearing an emergency call button while at home. The GetSafe system can be activated with voice commands alone by saying “Call 9-1-1, Call 9-1-1” within range of a GetSafe voice-enabled mini console.

A call to the monitoring center can also be triggered by pushing one of the wall-mounted help buttons or pulling the cord on a mini console. Users can also opt to add a medical alert pendant or a fall-detection pendant to their GetSafe system.

Unlike many other medical alert companies, GetSafe sells their systems rather than leasing out the equipment. The entry-level system is $99 and provides coverage in a small apartment. Larger systems that can cover up to a five-bedroom home cost $359. Monthly monitoring costs are $24.95, regardless of the number of help buttons linked to the system.

Finding the Best Medical Alert Systems for Veterans

To find the best medical alert system for yourself or a valued veteran in your life, start by thinking about where coverage is needed, what your budget is and the type of help button that you’d prefer. Consider whether or not added features, such as automatic fall detection, GPS tracking and medication reminders, make sense for your particular situation.

The right medical alert system can give veterans the support they need to enjoy their independence without cutting corners when it comes to safety.