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Can You Put Bed Rails On Any Bed?

For the most part, modern bed rails can fit on any bed, as they come in a variety of sizes and designs that can be adjusted to fit most bed frames. However, portable bed rails are not completely interchangeable. Specialty beds such as Tempurpedic brand beds and some platform beds require the use of legged bed rails that can be strapped and secured to the opposite side of the mattress to keep them from slipping or buckling when seniors use them to change position.

Bed rails can be an important piece of equipment for seniors who are at risk of rolling or falling out of bed. Portable bed rails can be secured between a mattress and a box spring or bed frame to keep users secure in bed overnight; they can also be used to help seniors get in and out of bed safely. Bed rails are not covered by Medicare unless they are made specifically for use on a hospital bed.

Portable Bed Rails Versus Hospital Bed Rails

All bed rails have the same function: to provide support, assistance and security to seniors who have mobility issues or cognitive impairments that can make it dangerous for them to sleep in a regular bed. However, Medicare has established a clear difference between portable bed rails and hospital bed rails. Portable bed rails are designed to attach to most regular or adjustable bed types; by definition, they can easily be transferred from one bed to another. For this reason, they are not considered Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and are not covered by Medicare.

On the other hand, hospital bed rails are designed specifically for use on hospital beds. Once affixed to the bed, they usually remain there permanently. Because of this, and because hospital beds are covered by Medicare Part B, hospital bed rails are also eligible for coverage through Medicare’s DME program.