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Connect America: Plans, Features & Pricing

Founded in 1977 and headquartered near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Connect America is the country’s largest supplier of medical alert systems. The company works with over 1,000 health care organizations, Medicaid and health care agencies, drug store chains and retailers to deliver reliable and affordable personal emergency response solutions.

Connect America is the company behind a number of well-known monitored help button providers, such as Medical Alert and CVS Medical Alert. Connect America also supplies medical alert systems to a number of assisted living and independent living providers.

Note: Connect America doesn’t supply direct-to-consumer medical alert systems nor does Connect America offer monitoring services.

In this guide you’ll find an in-depth overview of Connect America’s medical alert systems and features followed by a list of the pros and cons of Connect America devices.

Best Features of Connect America Medical Alert Systems

Connect America has three medical alert systems designed for use by individuals who want to remain as safe and independent as possible. These systems connect users with a monitored medical alert center via a wireless help button that can be worn on the wrist or a pendant, ensuring help is always close at hand.

All of the Connect America wearable help buttons are water-resistant, making them safe to wear in damp environments, such as the shower. The wearable medical alert pendants and bracelets include a long-lasting, maintenance-free battery that never needs recharging. Most medical alert companies that use Connect America systems automatically replace the wearable help buttons when the battery has reached the end of its service life.

Automatic fall detection, a feature that uses advanced motion sensors and a complex computer algorithm to determine if a user has fallen, automatically calls for help and is available on all Connect America medical alert systems.

Connect America Systems & Pricing

Connect America medical alert systems are only available through its subsidiary companies and industry partners, and pricing varies between dealers and suppliers.

In-Home Landline System

Connect America’s In-Home Landline System is a basic medical alert service that connects to a traditional landline, VoIP or digital phone. The system includes a base unit with back-up battery protection and an integrated speakerphone linked to either a bracelet or pendant-style medical alert button.

To contact the monitoring center, users simply need to press the button on their wearable device or hit the large red help button on the base unit. The call monitoring center is able to speak with the caller through the speakerphone anywhere within range of the unit.

In-Home Cellular System

The Connect America In-Home Cellular System features similar equipment to the landline system, except that this system includes an integrated cellular SIM card that connects with the AT&T nationwide mobile phone network.

Because this in-home system doesn’t require a landline phone connection, it can be placed anywhere in a home that’s close to an electrical outlet, as it’s powered through a standard household plug. As with the landline system, there’s a base unit equipped with a speakerphone that’s linked with a pendant or wrist-style wireless help button.

Mobile LTE/On-the-Go System

Connect America offers a mobile medical alert system that includes a GPS locator and operates anywhere there’s an AT&T-affiliated cellular service, including throughout the United States, Canada, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

This system is unique because it includes a wireless base unit equipped with a speakerphone that’s paired with a lightweight, discrete necklace or bracelet-style help button. By comparison, most other mobile medical alert systems use a single, all-in-one help button that’s significantly larger and heavier than typical panic buttons.

The mobile base unit is powered with a built-in battery that’s rated to last up to five days, however, the actual battery life is shorter in areas with weak cellular signals. Users need to recharge the battery by placing the unit on the included cradle-style charger.

Automatic Fall Detection

All Connect America medical alert systems are compatible with the company’s automatic fall-detection pendants. These small pendant-style help buttons are equipped with sensors that detect when a user experiences a sudden fall, which triggers an automatic call to the monitoring center. Available in gray or white, Connect America fall-detection pendants are safe for use in the shower or bath.

Who Should Use Connect America Medical Alert Systems?

Seniors Who Want to Feel Safer at Home

Connect America’s in-home medical alert systems are maintenance-free and easy to use, making these systems well-suited to seniors who want to feel more confident remaining in their own homes.

Seniors Who Are Worried About Falling

All Connect America medical alert systems are compatible with their Advanced Fall-Detection pendant-style button. This wearable, water-resistant panic button is slightly larger and heavier than the other Connect America wearables because it includes special sensors that detect if a wearer experiences a sudden fall.

Automatic fall detection can help ensure that assistance is dispatched when a senior suffers a fall, even if they’re unable to trigger their help button. This feature could be especially valuable for the elderly and for those who suffer from medical conditions that increase their risk of falling.

Lone Workers, Runners and Commuters

Although medical alert systems are typically geared towards seniors, Connect America’s Mobile LTE system with GPS location tracking can be used by lone workers, runners, commuters and others who need a discrete, wearable panic button that works almost anywhere.

Unlike most other mobile medical alert systems that use an all-in-one device, Connect America’s On-The-Go system lets users link a lightweight, water-resistant help button with the pocketable base unit equipped with a speakerphone and integrated SIM card. This system may be perfect for consumers who want a cellular-connected panic button but don’t want to wear a bulky pendant-style device.

Thanks to the integrated GPS locator, Connect America’s Mobile LTE system gives users the added peace of mind that comes with knowing their exact location is provided to their monitoring service in an emergency.

Pros and Cons of Connect America Medical Alert Systems

With so many medical alert systems to choose from, it’s important to take the time to review the pros and cons of each device, provider and plan. Here are some points to consider when deciding if a Connect America medical alert system is the right choice for yourself or your loved one:

Pros of Connect America Medical Alert Systems:

  • Connect America is one of the oldest and most trusted providers of medical alert systems
  • Cellular-connected Connect America medical alert systems are AT&T 4G LTE mobile network certified
  • Connect America’s Mobile LTE (On-the-Go) system is one of the few mobile medical alert systems that gives users the choice of a lightweight necklace or bracelet help button
  • The battery in the mobile medical alert system base unit lasts up to five days, and the system includes a wireless cradle-style charger
  • All Connect America devices are backed by a 100% user satisfaction guarantee
  • Advanced fall detection is available with both the in-home systems and the mobile medical alert system
  • Fall-detection pendants are water-resistant, safe to wear in the shower and available in gray or white

Cons of Connect America Medical Alert Systems:

  • Device options are limited
  • No medical smartwatch offered
  • The Connect America mobile medical alert system help buttons only work if the base unit is carried with the user
  • The panic buttons provided with the in-home Connect America medical alert systems look like traditional medical devices, which may make some users reluctant to wear their help button

Remember that the right medical alert system can make all the difference in an emergency situation. Take the time to review all of the options, features and services before choosing a personal emergency response system for yourself or your loved one.