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RMS Dual Bed Rail from Royal Medical Solutions Review

Best Adjustable Bed Rail

Bed rails offer seniors at risk of falling out of bed an extra layer of security. They also provide individuals with mobility issues added support while getting in and out of bed. The RMS Dual Bed Rail’s durable three-handlebar design adjusts to accommodate a wide range of needs.

Pros and Cons of the RMS Dual Bed Rail

The RMS Dual Bed Rail offers seniors a durable product that helps prevent falling out of bed. It also supports those who need extra assistance with readjusting positions or getting in and out of bed. Some of the bed rail’s pros and cons are listed here.


  • Adjustable height
  • Attaches to both sides of the bed
  • Durable powder-coated premium steel construction


  • Limited bed-size availability
  • Doesn’t work with hospital beds
  • Some retailers don’t allow returns

Overview of RMS Dual Bed Rail

Royal Medical Solutions’ Dual Bed Rail offers individuals a versatile adjustable-height bed rail device with tool-free installation. The assembly provides rails on both sides of the bed for added security, and each rail has three handlebars to accommodate individual strength and comfort levels. It’s constructed of durable powder-coated premium steel that’s easy to clean.

Overview Specs
Key Features Supports both sides of the bed
Offers three rail positions
Non-slip foam for added safety
Tool-free assembly
Price $109.99
Bed Size Accommodations Twin and full
Weight Capacity 250 pounds
Mattress Thickness 11″ to 14″ mattresses

How Much Does the RMS Dual Bed Rail Cost?

The RMS Dual Bed Rail retails for $109.99. Customers may purchase from several resources that stock the product, and they may find it on sale, depending on where they find the deal.

Full Review of RMS Dual Bed Rail’s Features

The Royal Medical Solutions Dual Bed Rail offers a durable product with built-in safety features.

Available Sizes

The RMS Dual Bed Rails are adjustable to accommodate a twin or full-size bed.

  • Maximum width: 58″
  • Rail height adjusts to fit 11″, 12″ and 13″ mattresses
  • Maximum rail height: 23″
  • Rail width: 29″

Bed Type

Although this dual bed rail is not compatible with hospital beds, it does work with adjustable twin and full-size beds. Its versatile design also adjusts to fit firm to pillowtop mattress styles.

Weight Capacity

The RMS Dual Bed Rail withstands a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds.

Safety Features

Each end of both rails is encased with a nonslip foam padding to hold the device between the mattress and box spring securely.

The three-rail design allows seniors to choose the rail that best suits their strength and comfort level.


The RMS Bed Rail comes with an easy-to-follow assembly instruction sheet. The diagrammed guide details each step of the tool-free installation.

Who Should Consider RMS Dual Bed Rails?

Seniors at Risk of Falling Out of Bed

Seniors who are especially restless during sleep or individuals who lack the motor controls to stop themselves from falling out of bed can benefit from the added security the RMS Dual Bed Rails offers.

Seniors with Mobility Issues

Individuals recovering from surgery or suffering from a degenerative disease such as arthritis can use one of the three rails for support as they get into or out of bed.

What Are People Saying About RMS Dual Bed Rails?

Reviewers’ overall consensus of the RMS Dual Bed Rails is that it’s easy to assemble and a quality product. Individual comments also include appreciation for the three-bar design, allowing individuals gripping options that are most comfortable for them.

Although some customers reported disappointment with the product’s incompatibility with hospital beds, the information page clearly states that limitation.


What Is a Bed Railing?

Bed rails are safety and mobility aids that run along the side of the bed. They may be installed between the mattress and box spring or attached to the side of the bed. Seniors can also opt for a bed railing on one or both sides of the bed.

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Does Medicare Cover Bed Rails for the Elderly?

Depending on the circumstances, seniors may be eligible for a hospital bed with adjustable rails. However, Medicare doesn’t allow detachable bed rails on home beds.

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Are Bed Rails Safe for the Elderly?

When installed correctly and with careful attention to the product’s compatibility guidelines, bed rails can be safe and beneficial for aging adults to use. They offer security for those at risk of falling out of bed and added support for individuals who need assistance while repositioning themselves or getting in or out of bed.

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How Do You Prevent Someone with Dementia from Falling Out of Bed?

Several options can minimize the risk of someone with dementia falling out of bed. Some considerations include lowering the bed, providing a hospital bed, adding bed rails to a home bed and placing bolsters around the mattress’s perimeter.

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Can You Put Bed Rails on Any Bed?

It’s important to read the individual manufacturer’s product information page. Each one has optimal conditions for use and design features that may or may not be compatible with specific bed types.

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What Can I Use Instead of a Bed Rail?

Choosing a bed rail alternative depends on why you’d need one in the first place. If you’re concerned about falling out of bed, some considerations might include a concave mattress. Its heavy-duty base and concave sides facilitate even body distribution and minimize falling. Individuals who need balance support might benefit from a tension-mounted vertical grab bar. They have support handles you can rotate and lock in place, and you can move them out of the way when they’re not in use.

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What Are the Types of Bed Rails?

Some bed rail designs attach to the side of the bed, or users secure them between the mattress and box spring. Single-sided bed rails are practical for seniors who have a bed situated with one side against a wall or who share a bed with someone who doesn’t require assistance. Double-sided bed rails provide optimal security for those who risk falling out of bed or who want to access the bed from either side.

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