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Compact Bed Rail from Vive Health Review

Most Adaptable

For anyone recovering from an illness or surgery, or who needs a little extra assistance getting safely in and out of bed, an adjustable bed rail is a must. The Compact Bed Rail from Vive Health offers flexible yet reliable bedside protection that can adjust to fit any size bed or fold up for travel.

Pros and Cons of the Compact Bed Rail from Vive Health

Vive Health is known for its mobility and therapy products, and the Compact Bed Rail is a welcome addition to its line of bedroom safety devices.


  • Flexibility to fit most bed frames from twin to California king
  • Aluminum rail is easy to assemble
  • Rail can be lowered out of the way
  • Unit is easily disassembled for storage or travel


  • Compact bed rail may prove to be too small or unstable for larger and taller customers, who may wish to opt for a non-compact product

Overview of Compact Bed Rail from Vive Health 

Bed rails help users maneuver themselves into and out of bed, change positions, and keep vulnerable patients from rolling out of bed and falling on the floor. Sturdy bars and a foam padded grip ensure non-slip leverage and this device will support users weighing up to 300 lbs. The Vive Health compact model can also be positioned to be out of the way when not in use or disassembled for travel or long-term storage.

Manufacturer Vive Health
Price $49-$69
Dimensions Stability bar length is 22.13”; handle width is 13”
Key Features Fits any size bed, twin to California king
Materials Aluminum, closed-cell foam, nylon
Safety Includes an adjustable anchor strap
Adjustable Adjusts for height and can drop down completely
Shipping Shipping for Vive Health orders over $39 is free; order ships same day if placed before 4 p.m. EST
Customer Service Lifetime guarantee and there’s a 30-day return window. Customer support via chat and phone

How Much Does the Compact Bed Rail from Vive Health Cost?

The regular cost of Vive Health’s Compact Bed Rail is $59.99, but it often goes on sale for at least $10 less. It is also widely available at regional big box stores such as Walmart and Costco, both online and in-person, for a comparable price. Buying the unit from a different online retailer such as Amazon may result in paying a higher price.

Vive Health offers regular special offers, so be sure to ask before purchasing. They also offer bulk pricing to corporate or institutional customers.

Full Review of the Vive Health Compact Bed Rail’s Features 

The Compact Bed Rail from Vive Health is for seniors, the infirm, or anyone who likes a bit of support navigating their bed setup. Attached to the side of the bed between frame and mattress and secured with a nylon anchor, this device provides leverage when getting in or out of bed and prevents sleepers from accidental falls. Lightweight, yet sturdily constructed, this bed rail gives users a real sense of security and confidence on a temporary or more permanent basis.

Safety first

This bed rail is well-built from aluminum parts and comes with a sturdy anchor strap for securing the unit to the bed frame. Some users have concerns about the security strap used to secure the unit; it may be awkward to attach to some beds. Foam on the handle ensures a firm grip and the unit is designed to remain stable under pressure.

Works on most standard size beds

An open-fit design allows this compact bed rail to work with any size bed frame, from twin all the way up to California king. When it’s not being used, the drop-down railing keeps it out of the way. This makes it perfect for an occasional guest bed for an older parent.

Good value

The Vive Health Compact Bed Rail is less expensive than most full-size rails. For someone who only temporarily needs assistance or retains good mobility, it may be a better value than more expensive or complicated models.

Easy to assemble

This bed rail ships in a single package weighing 2.6 lbs. No tools are required to assemble the frame; pushpin technology snaps the aluminum pieces firmly into place. It can just as easily be disassembled for storage or travel.


The non-slip rail can be raised or lowered depending on the user’s needs and the depth of the mattress. At its lowest point, the bed rail is out of the way completely.


  • Handle height from stability bar: 21.1”
  • Stability bar length: 22.13”
  • Handle width: 13”
  • Base width: 10.75”
  • Strap length: 175”

Good for travel

This compact bed rail comes apart and packs flat so it can be used for traveling, in a hotel room, guest room or in an RV.

Who Should Consider the Vive Health Compact Bed Rail?

Customers Recuperating from Surgery or Illness

The Vive Health Compact Bed Rail may be just enough to provide temporary assistance and security to patients recovering from surgery or recuperating from an illness. It performs just as well as a full-size bed rail but can be packed away when it’s no longer required.

Seniors Who Have Trouble Sleeping or Getting Out of Bed

Seniors with sleep or mobility issues can confidently move in and out of bed as needed with the extra support of a bed rail. They can also adjust their position for reading or taking meals if temporarily bedridden. The Vive Health Compact Bed Rail also provides a sense of security for anyone prone to falling out of bed due to confusion, insomnia, blood pressure issues or dizziness.

What Are People Saying About the Vive Health Compact Bed Rail?

Online reviews for Vive Health products abound, and the Compact Bed Rail is no exception. Customers love that it’s compact and portable, which is good for temporary situations and future travel. Others appreciate the product provides them with newfound confidence and security for getting in and out of bed. Several stated outright that the product had changed their lives for the better.

The most frequent drawback cited in online reviews is that the product scratches the bed frame if some kind of padding is not inserted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Bed Railing?
Bed guard rails are designed to stop the occupant from falling out of bed. Equipped with grip foam and secured to the side of the bed, they also help the person adjust their position or get out of bed safely.

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What Are the Types of Bed Rails?
Different types of bed rails are used for different types of customers. Some are designed to keep small children in their beds. Others are designed to assist older adults and people with limited mobility getting in and out of bed. Some are portable and can be packed away, while others are permanently installed using hardware.

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Can You Add Bed Rails to an Adjustable Bed?
Most adjustable beds can accommodate bed rails. But extra care must be taken to ensure they are properly secured.

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Does Medicare Cover Bed Rails for the Elderly?
Medicare recipients may be eligible for a hospital bed that includes adjustable side rails, but generally speaking, consumer beds and safety devices such as bed rails are not covered.

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Are Bed Rails Safe for the Elderly?
Bed rails can make many seniors feel safer, but they are not recommended for people with certain conditions or no bodily control. Consult a medical professional for an individualized opinion.

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How Do You Prevent Someone with Dementia from Falling Out of Bed?
Patients with dementia are at higher risk for falling out of bed due to confusion, altered sleep patterns, incontinence and many other reasons. Bed rails — one on each side of the bed if the person sleeps alone — can help.

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Can I take this bed rail apart for traveling?
This bed rail unit can be taken apart for traveling or longer-term storage.