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The Assisted Living Research Institute spent dozens of hours researching the top assisted living communities in the Decatur area to allow seniors and their families to find the community that’s right for them. Click through the facilities listed below to read in-depth reviews, what residents are saying, and details such as base pricing, room types, and more.

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In order to find the top assisted living communities in the Decatur area, our team of researchers:

  • Sorted through 30 communities using our unique methodology
  • Spent over 8 hours researching assisted living communities in Decatur
  • Read more than 75 reviews left by residents and their family members

After filtering out facilities that didn’t meet our high standards, we were left with 8 assisted living communities that earned our seal of approval. Through this process we discovered that the average cost of assisted living in the city of Decatur is $4,269, which is lower than the state average of $4,575 and higher than the national average of $4,051.

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Jonathan Frank
Licensed Social Worker and Certified Dementia Practitioner
Jonathan Frank
Licensed Social Worker and Certified Dementia Practitioner

Jonathan Frank is a Licensed Social Worker with over 10 years experience working with the geriatric population in a variety of different settings. He received his Masters degree from Rutgers University with a certificate in Aging and Gerontological Services. Additionally, he is a Certified Dementia Practitioner accredited by the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners. Jonathan also has Bachelors degree in psychology and worked as an Emergency Medical Technician for 14 years. His passion lies with the elderly and ensuring they age with dignity.

Read on for in-depth information about the top assisted living facilities in Decatur, a brief dive into our methodology for determining the best assisted living communities, and a searchable directory of 30 communities in the Decatur area.

How to Pay for Assisted Living in Decatur, IL

Determining how to finance assisted living often starts with the question, “What’s the cost?” In today’s economy, where inflation plays a significant role, having current data is crucial for senior living financial planning. has gathered cost information from its expansive network of over 75,000 senior living providers. This data offers a glimpse into the average expenses for assisted living in Decatur and 110 additional cities within Illinois.

How Inflation Has Impacted the Cost of Assisted Living in Decatur, IL

Inflation has resulted in significant cost increases for assisted living throughout the country between 2022 and 2023. Seniors in Decatur now pay $440 more each month, for a total of $5,040, and a similar increase of $389 was seen at the national level. However, the average cost in Illinois, as a whole, fell by $217 per month.

Further increases are likely to follow in 2024, with assisted living costs estimated to rise by 12% in Illinois and 7.7% in Decatur. All nearby cities have very similar projected increases, which makes it vital that families plan ahead for senior care.

Location 2022 Cost (Historical) 2023 Cost (Current) 2024 Cost (Estimated)
Decatur $4,600 $5,040 $5,428
U.S. Average $4,070 $4,459 $4,802
Illinois $4,959 $4,742 $5,313
Chicago $5,423 $5,941 $6,398
Springfield $4,497 $4,927 $5,306
Champaign $4,126 $4,520 $4,868


Assisted Living vs. Other Types of Care in Decatur, IL

At a cost of $5,040 per month in Decatur, assisted living provides a higher degree of supervision, caregiver training and wellness services compared to independent living, at $3,231 per month. The average price of memory care is around $500 higher than assisted living, for a total of $5,539 per month. This increase is due in part to the even greater need for caregiver training, more hours of supervision and specialized activities.

Care Type Cost
Assisted Living $5,040
Memory Care $5,539
Independent Living $3,231


Financial Assistance for Assisted Living in Decatur, IL

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Other Ways to Pay for Assisted Living in Decatur, IL

Since not everyone can afford to pay for assisted living out-of-pocket, it’s important to find alternative methods to help make assisted living more affordable. Some of these options include:

  • Veterans Benefits
  • Life Insurance Policy
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Reverse Mortgage

For more information about your options for making assisted living more affordable, visit our guide to Assisted Living in Illinois.

Free and Low-Cost Assisted Living Resources for Seniors in Decatur, IL

Numerous resources are available in Decatur, Illinois to support seniors during their retirement. has gathered data on local groups, initiatives, and agencies, and organized them according to care categories for convenient access.

For details about resources across the state and in neighboring cities, please visit the Illinois state page on

Financial Assistance for Senior Care

Financial aid is available for seniors in Decatur who prefer to age in place. Various local entities provide support for expenses like home care, home adjustments, and utility bills.

Program Name Phone Number Description
Comprehensive Care Coordination – Macon County 217-423-6550 Comprehensive Care Coordination, offered by the Macon County Health Department, is a community program designed to enhance the self-reliance of seniors in Decatur. Through personalized care plans developed during in-home assessments, eligible residents aged 60 and above in Macon County receive ongoing support. Regular follow-up appointments are scheduled to monitor their progress.

Food Assistance Programs

In Decatur, various local initiatives are dedicated to promoting senior health through balanced nutrition. They offer services like meal delivery, communal dining, and food banks, ensuring elderly residents have access to affordable, nutritious food.

Program Name Phone Number Description
Meals on Wheels – Macon County 217-422-6611 Meals on Wheels, a dedicated team of volunteers, provides essential nourishment to seniors who are unable to leave their homes in the Decatur area. Delivering meals five days a week from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm, we prioritize the preparation of nutritious meals that cater to individuals with heart health issues and diabetes. Additionally, we are committed to accommodating special dietary needs, including renal or low lactose diets. To be eligible for our assistance, Macon county residents must be at least 60 years old and homebound. In certain cases, disabled residents under the age of 60 may also qualify if they are receiving care through the department of rehabilitation services. If you or someone you know meets these criteria, we encourage you to reach out to Meals on Wheels by phone. Our referral line is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Senior Centers

In Decatur, senior centers serve as a hub for older adults, providing recreational activities, events, and valuable resources. These centers also offer wellness programs, nutritional guidance, and assistance with senior-related concerns.

Program Name Phone Number Description
Catholic Charities Diocese of Springfield in Illinois 217-428-3458 Decatur Catholic Charities offers a range of services tailored to meet the needs of seniors in our community. Our food pantry and clothes closet are accessible to the public during weekday mornings, providing essential support to those in need. Additionally, we have a dental voucher program specifically designed to assist low-income adults in accessing tooth extractions and oral surgery services. Our MedAssist program is dedicated to helping individuals obtain free or low-cost prescription medications. Furthermore, we are proud to be a Senior Health Insurance Program site, offering valuable information to seniors to help them make informed decisions about Medicare or Medicare Advantage enrollment.
Empowerment Opportunity Center Senior Services 217-428-4148 The Empowerment Opportunity Center offers a range of resources for seniors residing in Decatur. One of these resources is Neti’s Place, a Senior Center where hot meals are served five days a week. Seniors aged 60 and above can enjoy a nutritious meal consisting of an entree, side dish, and drink. The suggested donation for this meal is $7. Additionally, the Empowerment Opportunity Center provides low-cost transportation services for seniors to medical appointments. The suggested donation for this service is $5.

Senior Engagement

In Decatur, a variety of programs and resources are available for seniors to stay engaged and active. These include wellness initiatives, volunteering options, and support networks, all aimed at fostering community involvement and enhancing life quality.

Program Name Phone Number Description
Faith in Action 217-428-0013 Faith in Action is a program operated by the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois, dedicated to supporting homebound elderly residents in the Tri-City area, enabling them to maintain their independence and safety within their own homes. A team of compassionate volunteers offers a range of essential services, including transportation, running errands, maintaining yards, providing companionship, and preparing meals.
Decatur Memory Cafe 630-440-6573 Join us at Life Builders Church of God for our monthly memory cafe, designed specifically for seniors living with memory loss. This welcoming and inclusive gathering provides a morning of enjoyment and socialization. Each meeting offers a variety of activities, including educational sessions, storytelling, sing-alongs, mind-stimulating exercises, and arts and crafts. Memory cafes provide a safe and supportive environment for older adults to engage with others and express their thoughts. Caregivers are also encouraged to attend and participate in this enriching experience.
RSVP Volunteer Program – Macon County 217-428-6616 RSVP enables seniors who are physically capable to actively contribute to their communities by participating in various programs. These programs encompass tasks such as delivering books and meals to seniors and disabled individuals who are unable to leave their homes, providing mentorship in areas where the volunteer possesses expertise, and assisting in clothing rooms and gift shops. The program ensures that volunteers are matched with suitable services, allowing them to have autonomy over the amount of time they dedicate to RSVP.

Social Security Offices

In Decatur, Social Security offices provide essential services to seniors and individuals with disabilities. They offer guidance on retirement benefits, disability allowances, and Supplemental Security Income.

Program Name Phone Number Description
Decatur Social Security Office 62526 800-772-1213 Social Security serves as a financial resource for individuals who have reached retirement age or are unable to work due to a disability. The funding for Social Security is derived from a payroll tax imposed on employers, employees, and self-employed individuals. Upon retirement, beneficiaries are entitled to receive monthly payments based on their previous earnings.

Utility & Energy Bill Assistance

Organizations are available to aid low-income seniors in Decatur struggling with home maintenance costs, including utility and energy bills. Emergency funding may also be accessible for those at risk of utility service termination due to unpaid bills.

Program Name Phone Number Description
Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) – Decatur 217-428-2193 The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is designed to assist low-income households in maintaining essential utilities, even in times of financial hardship. It offers financial support for heating expenses during the winter season and occasionally extends assistance for other home energy services throughout the year. In certain cases, LIHEAP may also provide funding for water and wastewater bills.

Veteran’s Services

Veteran services in Decatur offer invaluable assistance to retired military personnel. These local entities guide veterans in utilizing their rightful benefits and provide counsel on diverse matters.

Program Name Phone Number Description
Decatur VA Clinic 217-362-5442 The Decatur VA Clinic offers a range of primary care services tailored specifically for senior veterans. Our dedicated team provides family or individual counseling, as well as behavioral health programs like QuitSmart Smoking Cessation, to support veterans in living their lives to the fullest. We take accessibility seriously, with a completely wheelchair-accessible facility and free parking for all. Our clinic operates Monday through Friday from 7:45 am to 4:15 pm, ensuring convenient access for our patients. To make life easier, we offer the option to process most recurring prescriptions by mail or online.
Veteran’s Assistance Department – Macon County 217-424-1376 The Veteran Assistance Department is dedicated to supporting local senior veterans and their families by offering guidance and assistance in accessing benefits such as pensions and survivors benefits. Additionally, VAD provides transportation services to the VA Hospital in Hines.


Assisted Living Laws and Regulations in Decatur, IL

Assisted Living Communities in Decatur are required to follow a set of rules and regulations that are determined by the state. For an overview of those rules and regulations, see the information below. For more specific information, talk with your local community or Area Agency on Aging.

Laws and regulations for assisted living in Illinois

Our Methodology

It’s not what we research, but the way we research that makes stand out. We start by identifying problems and challenges in the senior care industry by gaining insight from conversations with industry professionals, older adults, and those that care for them. Next, our research team led by industry experts apply our data-driven research techniques to understand the magnitude of the challenge and how to overcome it. Finally, we present our findings in easy-to-understand guides and studies and share our actionable results with influencers and caregivers, as well as the general public.

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Facility Features (40%)

Facility Health Services Graded on health services provided
on the facility including, but not
limited to, on-site nursing,
pharmacy, skilled nursing,
medicine administration, etc

Facility Amenities Graded on the available

Affordability Financial assistance acceptance
and overall costs and value.

Residential Quality (40%)

Resident Satisfaction Polling & survey of overall facility satisfaction.

Facility Complaint and Violations Number of complaints and violations the facility had. Taking into account improvement over time.

Online Reviews Aggregated verified online reviews.

Location (20%)

Location-Based Benefits Including, but not limited to, proximity to
hospitals, ambulance response times, senior
resources available, and state and city
financial assistance.

Location Quality Local crime rates, incidents against older
adults, air quality, climate.

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